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Elite Coalition Sale - LOT 42
MFR1 Devil in Disguise

DOB 12/12/13 – 88%
AABG NBD Dead On X K7 KFF Pure Pleasure

When a child starts out showing horses we always are looking for that “Gold Standard Kid Broke” horse to give them a positive show experience.  Well here is that “Gold Standard” goat – a sure winner and scholarship type doe ready to give a new kid a leg up.  She was 2014 JABGA Reserve National Champion % Doe,  This year she won her class at the Nationals and was Reserve Yearling Bred and Owned.  She can win at the National level and ready to mentor another child.  Show Correct and untouched reproductively.

  PDF OH WOW (10443648)
  PDF Z012 FULL PROOF **ENNOBLED** 3/2015 (10512640)
  ZAF T18 (10281444)
  Sire: AABG NBD DEAD ON **SIRE OF MERIT** 6/2015 (10548257)
  AABG GOT TO BE GOOD (10538374)
  AABG NBD DENISE (10534753)
Animal: MFR1 DEVIL IN DISGUISE (10643499)
  RRD RUGER T307 **ENNOBLED** 12/2007 (10269132)
  2DOX CUGER **ENNOBLED** 2/2012 (10467657)
  2DOX BINGO STAR **ENNOBLED** 2/2008 (10218360)
  Dam: K7 KFF PURE PLEASURE **DOE OF EXCELLENCE** 6/2014 (10548100)
  PPW 7B151 (10399522)
  JORD MARMI **DOE OF EXCELLENCE** 5/2011 (10475978)
  (BOER X)


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